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A Clinical Psychologist’s personal resolve to advocate for seniors’ mental health


National University Polyclinics Clinical Psychologist Toh Hui Moon with a patient

For Hui Moon, her calling as a clinical psychologist resonates close to home. Years ago, her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. From a young age, Hui Moon's family took on the role as her grandmother's full-time caregivers and faced many challenges. In particular, she noticed that more could have been done to help with her grandmother's mental health and well-being.

Today, the senior clinical psychologist works at the National University Polyclinics where she resolves to make a difference for families just like hers each day. Through her career, Hui Moon advocates mental health for older persons and supports families in caring for seniors with mental health concerns.

Taking on the role of both team leader and allied health educator, Hui Moon splits her time between clinical duties and reviewing policies or work procedures to help design and conduct training programmes.

Clinical Psychologist Toh Hui Moon with her colleagues in a discussion

A typical day starts with Hui Moon conducting sessions with her patients face-to-face or virtually. Following an assessment, she then works with her patients to identify a suitable treatment plan, define treatment goals, and plan actions to help them define the desired outcomes—all while striving to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for her patients.

On non-clinic days, she participates in discussions, handles operational and strategic planning work, designs education materials, as well as provides mentorship and training to her team members. Throughout the year, she also attends workshops and courses to sharpen her clinical skills.

When asked what she finds most meaningful about being a clinical psychologist, Hui Moon shared, "Having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and being able to support them during their most challenging times. Being in this profession has been a humbling and gratifying experience with opportunities to advance and transform healthcare services. I find meaning in my contribution to help serve the greater good."