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​​​​​Students get a unique peek into healthcare

In January 2017, about 200 students had the opportunity to spend a few days in our healthcare institutions to see how we tick. The students were part of a five-day Healthcare Attachment Programme (HAP) managed by our Healthcare Scholarships team. The HAP, which started in January 2015, gives potential scholars who are interested in healthcare a chance to see the work allied health professionals and nurses do.

The HAP in January was for A level students eligible for the 2017 scholarship cycle. Based on the comments posted on social media, the students had an eye-opening experience and appreciated the work of our healthcare professionals especially the nurses. Here’s what some of them had to say.

"A big thanks to the Healthcare Scholarships team for this epic programme! It helped me confirm that my life-changing decision to join healthcare was the right one."

"The attachment was the best few days of my year so far!"

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