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1. I am interested in a career in healthcare, where can find out about job openings?

If you already have the relevant educational qualifications for a career in healthcare, you may visit the website of your preferred place of employment (e.g. a hospital) directly. Browse to their careers/join our team/contact us page to find out​ more about the specific job openings they have at the moment or their organisational culture.

If you’d first like to kickstart your healthcare career by gaining the relevant educational qualifications, please visit the relevant sections under the ‘Apply’ tab to find a course which is right for you.

2. I am interested in getting an education in healthcare, where can I find out more?

Scroll over the ‘Apply’ tab at the top of our website and select the option which best fits you (e.g. students, mid-career switchers, or more).  Each section contains background information and links to courses you can apply for to gain an education in healthcare.

3. I am writing in on behalf of a school or learning institution to find out about collaboration opportunities.

You may click on our ‘Outreach’ tab at the top of the website to find out more about collaboration opportunities.

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