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​For anyone facing a loss of hearing, an audiologist represents resounding hope. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment (audiometers, computers and testing devices) you will assess and manage patients with auditory-related symptoms. You will perform tests on your patients and analyse their educational, psychological and medical history to diagnose their condition and find a course of treatment.

You will also assess the patient, recommend and fit suitable hearing technology such as hearing aids and cochlear implants for those with hearing impairment so as to provide com​prehensive hearing management.

Areas of practice:
  • Diagnostic audiology – basic and advanced audio-vestibular assessments

  • Rehabilitative audiology – hearing devices, tinnitus management

  • Paediatri​c / adult / geriatric aural rehabilitation

  • Bachelor’s degree in audiology

  • Master’s degree in audiology (entry level)

Study duration:
  • Three to four years for bachelor's degree

  • Two years for master's degree (entry level)

More information:

Contact the Society of Audiology Professionals Singapore if you wish to find out more.

The allied health practitioner may not be able to conduct the full range of services and activities listed above, as the scope of practice depends on the level of training, experience and competence attained. The onus is on the employer and the practitioner to ensure that all services and activities are conducted within the scope of competence of the respective practitioner.