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Occupational Therapist


From feeding themselves to getting dressed, many patients struggle with day-to-day tasks after an illness or disability. Occupational therapists develop treatment programmes that help them relearn basic skills which may have been affected by physical, cognitive or psychosocial problems.

By using everyday activities in a purposeful a​nd therapeutic manner, you will help patients to live more independently and help them to perform their roles and tasks in daily living. You enable these patients to lead nor​mal lives again.

Areas of practice:
  • Burns and plastics rehabilitation

  • Cardiac rehabilitation

  • Driving assessment
    and rehabilitation

  • Occupational health
    and ergonomics

  • Oncology rehabilitation

  • Orthopaedics rehabilitation

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation

  • Paediatrics and child development

  • Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy

Note: Diagnostic radiographers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, radiation therapists ​and speech therapists are required to have a licence to practise in Singapore. For ​registration matters, please refer to the Allied Health Professions Council website.

Study duration:
  • Four years

More information:

Contact the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists.

The allied health practitioner may not be able to conduct the full range of services and activities listed above, as the scope of practice depends on the level of training, experience and competence attained. The onus is on the employer and the practitioner to ensure that all services and activities are conducted within the scope of competence of the respective practitioner.