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Clinical Psychologist


As a clinical psychologist, you do more than just listen to people suffering from emotional distress and psychological problems.​

You will assess their coping strategies, behavioural patterns and even their personality and cognitive profiles. You will also provide psychotherapy or rehabilitative therapies. Often, you will work very closely with psychiatrists, other medical specialists and healthcare professionals to develop and implement treatment programmes. Soon, not only will your patients confide in you, they will be grateful for your support and guidance.

You may also be involved in promoting mental health services to corporate clients and the community, such as providing crisis management consultancy and conducting workplace emotional health programmes.

Areas of practice:
  • Mental health (with or without a general medical condition)

  • Health promotion

  • Research

  • Court testimony

  • Policy work and administration

  • Teaching

  • Master’s degree in clinical psychology

Note: A bachelor’s degree in psychology is required for entry into the master’s programme, with preference given to a bachelor’s degree (with honours)

Study duration:
  • Two​ years for master's degree

More information:

Contact the Singapore Psychological Society if you wish to find out more.

The allied health practitioner may not be able to conduct the full range of services and activities listed above, as the scope of practice depends on the level of training, experience and competence attained. The onus is on the employer and the practitioner to ensure that all services and activities are conducted within the scope of competence of the respective practitioner.