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Return to nursing

Does the passion to care still burn brightly in you? It’s never too late to pick up from where you left off. If you’re a former nurse who has not practised for five years or more, you can attend a Return-To-Nursing (RTN) course to reacquaint yourself with the relevant expertise and skills.

If you’re a locally educated nurse (Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident), you can attend an accredited RTN course offered by the following institutions:

SingHealth Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing

(Singapore General Hospital)

Tel: 6576 2705


National University Hospital

(Nursing Education Unit)

Tel: 6772 5139


"I decided to return to nursing as I still carried a strong passion for taking care of people. However, I was worried that I couldn’t catch up with the advances in nursing theory and skills. But with the 3-month RTN course, I successfully became a qualified nurse again."

Preethy Kurian Parippelothara
Enrolled Nurse
Singapore General Hospital

Upon completion of the RTN course, you may apply to re-register/re-enrol.