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Into the heartlands


Nursing brings me satisfaction because it gives me the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of my patients. I am sure this is already a known fact – with Singapore’s ageing population, there will be more elderly patients in need of medical care in the future. I strongly believe that it is important for these elderly to recover in the comfort of their homes and the community. This prompted me to apply for the Community Nursing Scholarship!

Not many might be aware of community nursing, but I relish in the novelty of taking the road less travelled. As a community nurse, I get to work outside of an acute hospital and in settings such as community hospitals, home nursing, day care centres, nursing homes and hospices. I am also closer to the grassroots and get to provide rehabilitative care for patients at community nurse posts, most of whom are senior citizens.

As a healthcare scholar with MOH Holdings, I have been given valuable opportunities to expand my scope of learning. I was able to travel overseas for my exchange programme and gained deeper insights into healthcare systems all over the world. The scholarship has also allowed me to bond with like-minded healthcare scholars, who provide me with different perspectives from all aspects of healthcare.

If there is an experience that has made an impact on me since I started my nursing journey, it will be participating in the various codes (like code blue) during my attachment at the emergency department. I was in awe when I witnessed the efficiency and calmness of the healthcare team even as they managed rapidly deteriorating patients. I hope I will be as capable as my seniors in time to come.

Considering whether to apply for a healthcare scholarship? Don’t hesitate! However, make sure you do your due diligence to understand the discipline you are applying for and whether it aligns with your personal aspirations.

Being part of a team that helps patients recover from their illnesses and relieve their discomfort is a privilege I am blessed with. I am Delphine Chen, a Community Nursing Scholar and a year 4 student at the National University of Singapore. I aspire to become a capable nurse who is able to provide good care to my patients. Wish me luck!

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